10 Things NTSN Players Learn From M.S. Dhoni

10 Things NTSN Players Learn From M.S. Dhoni

10 Things NTSN Players Learn From M.S. Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is our country’s shining star. Hailing from a small town Ranchi of Bihar, Dhoni as famously known as has made some cool statement both in the field and off the field. He still continues to win our hearts, doing simple things like staying humble and honest, even after being the cool captain of the Indian Cricket Team.

Debuted in December 2004 against Bangladesh and played his first test a year later against Sri Lanka, Dhoni is regarded as the attacking right-handed middle-order batsman and wicket-keeper. Be it Tests, ODIs or IPL matches, he has never disheartened his fans. After taking over the captaincy from a great player Rahul Dravid, India won 2007 ICC World Twenty20, the CB Series of 2007–08, the 2010 Asia Cup, the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy.

Dhoni is a name, every kid, teenager, uncles, and aunties even the grandparents know in the country. When he walks in the playing field, the loud cheer from the crowd tells what is his fan following like. Considered to be a role model to young players, Team SSPF has listed top 10 things NTSN players learn from M.S.Dhoni.

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  1. Dream big

Coming from a middle-class family, he too had his own aspiration and dreams of aiming high in life. When he got a job in the railways, he continued to dream big and continued to strive his best to make his way to his passion – Cricket. Dreaming big with passion led him finally to be India’s greatest cricket Captain.

  1. Listen to your heart

He always believed one thing – to see your dream come true, always listen to your heart. He never said no to what his peer had to say to him. He wanted to follow his passion and make a sure shot in it, he did what his heart told him to do.

  1. Stay humble

Dhoni never let his ego of being a star in the field and otherwise get in his humanity. He always stayed humble throughout his life. Captain Cool never stopped from learning people around him, and always offered gratitude for life’s offerings with his whole heart.

  1. Learn from obstacles

The major learning from Dhoni is when the team was playing against Punjab, India’s star Yuvraj Singh scored high innings over 300 runs more than Dhoni’s entire team could do in total. Rather getting miffed he told his team members to not feel sad about the loss, for this our regular challenges one will face in the cricket ground. One should learn from the obstacles for it makes a player feel strong mentally and emotionally during matches and strive better.

  1. Accept your failures

Dhoni was a sensation in his school and everyone simply adored him. When he couldn’t make it Under-19 team, everyone was upset except Dhoni. He called it as a reality checker and worked really hard on his weakness. Accepting failure is one of the key points of life.

  1. Yes to hard work

Without any hard work, there is no fruit to success. He believes in working really hard on oneself.

  1. Love your critics’

You will never do well if you don’t take the criticism well. To be good at what you love to do, one has to be open to feedbacks, go bad or worse. It takes a person long way. Dhoni has always been bashed with a lot of criticism about his decision but he never got carried away with his decisions. Rather he used those feedbacks to a good reason to be better and that’s how his team always shined bright.

  1. Leave comfort zone

Dhoni loved playing cricket and for that, he had gone through ample of struggles, learned to fall, survive and rise through.  He believes in achieving something really extraordinary in life, and for that one has to leave the comfort zone.

  1. Let go

Our Captain Cool never lets negative vibe get hold of him. He believes that in any profession getting sad about negative things and asking about why it happened will make you feel vulnerable. Rather getting trapped in what, why and how of any situation, work your way out to shine through it by letting go of that negative vibe.

  1. Be daring and bold

 Taking daring and bold decision has always been his statement when it came to making a stand about anything being Captain Wise. His biggest virtue of life has been being immensely patient and it has always worked with him. This nature has always motivated other team players in his team and thousands of his fans to follow their heart and be wise in life.

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