A fulfilling and humbling journey indeed

opJust two words spring to mind when I think of the journey of the National Talent Search and Nurture (NTSN) programme: Fulfilling and exciting.
With the end of the first season in sight, we are able to joyously look at the progress of cricket and football under the aegis of the School Sports Promotion Foundation in partnership with the Sports Authority of India. Around this time last year, we were still discussing NTSN’s concept and its structure.
Such a project has not been attempted, let alone achieved, before in our vast country. With close to 2000 school teams registering in our inaugural year, the enthusiasm across the nation has been palpable. We believe the foundation for a high-quality programme has been well and truly laid and that we are poised to make a difference.
Having said that, we have drawn lessons from the journey so far. We have realised that we need a more vibrant organisation on-ground to make the players believe that they are part of a beautiful programme. To achieve this, we have secured the help of a number of similar-thinking sports organisations as we move towards NTSN’s second season when we will add basketball, volleyball and kabaddi to our calendar. The stage is set for several thousands of schools to become part of the exciting journey to make India a more sports-conscious nation.
I would like to thank the thousands of boys who have become path-breakers by competing in the first season of NTSN, their Schools which have provided them the opportunity to pursue their sporting dreams. The Chairpersons of SSPF Cricket and Football Councils, former India players Chetan Sharma and Sq Ldr SS Hakeem, have offered visionary support and leadership.
Together with Team SSPF in Delhi, they have been able to secure the unstinted services of State and District Co-ordinators to ensure that NTSN has already captured the imagination of schoolboys across the country. It only makes us determined to renew our vigour as we prepare for the climax of the first season and the launch of the enlarged second season.
Yes, it has been a fulfilling, exciting and humbling experience.
I am particularly excited that we are finalising our plans to set up a Centre of Excellence for each of the five sports disciplines that are part of our calendar. It would be wonderful to be able to have these sets of talented boys come together as one and hone their skills under expert coaches and trainers in an atmosphere that encourages both academic and sporting pursuits.

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6 Responses

  1. please reduce the entry fees for the basketball event as paying an amount of Rs.2000 for one tournament is too much for small schools . It is a humble request sir to please try and reduce the entry fees so that more number of teams will participate and the event will be a big one indeed .Atleast as it is the start sir it would be great to start with a lower entry fee so that more teams get attracted and would later on give an amount of Rs.2000. Atleast for the start i request you to reduce the entry fee sir.
    Thanking You

  2. Chetan kavlekar says:

    Its a good initiative taken by ssfi. Keep up the good work.

  3. Dr. Kiran Saini says:

    *It is really a great opportunity to the budding sports persons to hone and show their talent in their game- a great morale booster for them-A recognition.

    *Attending National camp for Cricket was a great experience for my son…Excellent Stay & food ….. Great coaching… Constructive feedback…… Highly experienced International/national level Coaches & training….Diet Advice & Fitness Training by renowned Trainers—-Heartfelt thanks from parents & teachers.

    Kindly provide opportunity to the players who got training under National Camp –To participate further in some tournaments held at National Level and beyond so as to work hard and play at higher level.

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