Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shamali Is On A Row To Produce Another Dhoni !!!

Ram Raushan Sharan, 9th class student of  Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shayamali made 143 not out in just 80 balls during a cluster level match against International Public School, kanke.  Just the same talent from the same school at almost same age.

Yes!!! You guessed it right; we are talking about the former captain cool of team India M. S. Dhoni aka Mahi. The boy from JVM School who changed the history of Indian cricket.

Though it is very early to predict but SSPF is so excited to have Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shayamali registered and playing with us. The same school which has a proud past of producing players like Dhoni.

In his innings, Ram Raushan has scored 18 fours and 7 sky- high sixes. Out of 143 runs he made 114 runs just from boundaries. That’s not all where he stoped. He also took one of the most vital catches of Iftikhar Alam and one wicket of Tanishq Paul L from the opponent team.

In the Ranchi district, 5 clusters with 20 schools have taken part in SSPF Schools India Cup 2017. Jharkhand has produced many sports person who has brought glory to the nation. SSPF also hope to have that privilege that future sports star from this state will play for SSPF in his growing years.

“It Was My Turn To Stand Up To The Mark”, Said Shubham Sangwan, Midfielder, Telangana

“Is there a player from Telangana”, asked the social media team of SSPF. I was practising in the ground when I heard this question. However, I was busy practising and felt that someone would tell them that Shubham is from Telangana. Next day was the big match against SSPF. We all were practising hard. It was difficult because we all as a team have met after a long time. Team coordination was one of the major aspects in football. I have always loved football the most among all the good things in life, and SSPF (School Sports Promotion Foundation) has played an important role in giving me the platform to perform my level best in the game.

There was a series of process through which we were selected, at each level we got to know new techniques, skills, drills to improve our game. We (representatives) came from different parts of the country and shared our experiences with each other along with the guidelines of our coaches and managers. The Champions Match held between SSPF and BBFS was a head to head battle as both the teams gave their best. We all reported to SSPF 4 days before the match day. The stay was facilitated well with the best accommodation by SSPF.

Playing With Bhaichung & Renedy

Under the tremendous instructions of our coach Deepak sir and Mr. Harish, manager, we adjusted our allocation and positional play to set ourselves for the match. Our sync became prefect by 22nd, as we won two practice matches. Next day was big. It was the match day, we all were excited to play against Bhaichung and with Renedy, and we were a bit tensed too as we were to play in front of a big crowd and television viewers throughout the nation. We were all determined to beat BBFS.

How Rajat Rathi Played An Important Role?

After a heartwarming ceremony, the match started. It took a while for us to set a strategical play against BBFS’s professional play. Deepak sir came up with some suggestions for midfielders. We successfully converted some attacks leading to a 34th min goal by Mehto the captain. Rathi kept disturbing opponents right wing, eventually helping us to penetrate more in opponent’s defensive area.

Thank you CHOTE LAL!

After half time it was my turn to stand up to the mark, and then I successfully converted chote’s lal’s pass into an overhead goal. We won the match with our keeper with clean sheet. We were presented by medals from Mr. Om Pathak, SSPF Chairman with the trophy, and were titled as The Champions Match winners. It was hell of an experience for me and I thank SSPF for the opportunity.


The last words I heard in the playground were, “And it’s Shubham Sangwan from Telangana who made the second goal for SSPF”.

Little Wonder Boy Of Cricket From Haridwar Strikes A Double Century

213 runs in just 76 balls. It is not a score of any National or International player, it is an amazing mark achieved by a 14 year school boy playing under SSPF School India Cup’s cluster level cricket tournament.

Aryan Sidharth Panwar of Holy Cross Sr. Sec. School Haridwar scored this double ton against S.M.T. Neema Devi Kala Public School. In his innings, Aryan hit 12 sixes and 24 fours that means out of his total of 213 runs, 168 runs were scored by boundaries and only 45 runs were made by running between the wickets.

With the help of excellent 213 runs inning of Aryan, his team Holy Cross Sr. Sec. School Haridwar was able to set a target of 356 runs and able to beat S.M.T. Neema Devi Kala Public School by a huge margin of 200 runs.

Aryan is an all- rounder, this right handed batsman not only piled up so many runs against the opponent team but also has taken two wickets of Akash Kumar and Aditya Singh of S.M.T. Neema Devi Kala Public School team. He bowled both the batsman to contribute in his team’s victory.

Aryan is the son of a BSF Jawan Mr. Subhash Panwar and his mother Savita Panwar is a Govt. school teacher in Haridwar. Apart from his studies, Aryan is setting a bench mark for every young cricketer by showcasing such brilliant talent on field.

Sameer’s Journey In SSPF : What His Proud Father Sees

I, as a parent, have been closely observing the activities of SSPF. I must say that they have made tremendous progress in the first year itself.

Why do I say so?

Well I got to know of SSPF when they had organized the first round of School level Football tournament in Gurgaon and other places in 2016.My son, Sameer Seshadri, went on to play from school to district to State in July 2016.

  1. Finally the Nationals at Delhi in Sep 2016. What is noteworthy is these matches were well managed without any issues. 
  2. Thereafter Sameer was selected to train in the National Camp at Dehradun. Here again the arrangements were excellent in terms of stay, food and coaching. 
  3. When I heard of the Football Tournament in Apr 2017 between SSPF and BBFS, we were really excited. The game and the overall feel of the tournament was great.The most appreciable aspect was the opportunity for the boys to interact and also play with Bhaichung Bhutia and Rennedy Singh. This was an absolutely high level motivation for the team.

The entire sequence of the above events shows a structured approach, professional effort and dedication to a set goal. This is what I call “tremendous progress”

Added to this is great teamwork among the boys and the efforts of an exceptional Coach Deepak Jha.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to Mr. Om Pathak for his vision and the entire team of SSPF for all that is done so far and look forward to even greater contribution to the field of Sports.


Rajesh Votépur

An Open Letter To Raj Kishore Mahto, Midfielder, Jharkhand, SSPF National Football Team 2016 !!

Dear 16 year old Mahto,

I have always been a little good with words but don’t get time to write much due to my hectic schedule. However, you have just forced me to write this. I was in the field doing the live telecast of the football match SSPF v/s BBFS, watching you doing magic with the ball, all by yourself. And I just want to tell you something, “You are simply great at it”. I am your 27 years old FAN.

I must tell you that I envied you when I saw you chasing the ball. I saw the spark in your eyes. I just felt that I lived my childhood in that single moment. It’s been so long that I have not thought about the KHO-KHO sessions of my school. I think that it was the awesome time of my childhood, but now when I am a professional I miss those days when we used to eagerly wait for our SPORTS DAY.

He is No.11

You know there’s always someone in life who reminds of your childhood days. You may call them your twin, or probably someone who shares the same level of energy, passion and excitement as soon as they are in the ground. I must admit that there were some extraordinary players in SSPF’s National Team 2016 and I even interviewed few of them during the Nationals. But, you were my favorite. I failed to make my fellow colleagues understand that why I am a fan of this Jharkhand guy.

You just reminded me of my childhood days. I shared the same energy, excitement and enthusiasm for everything, and that’s exactly why you are my favorite. I saw you playing against the great Bhaichung Bhutia. I saw a spark in your eyes. And those small innocent eyes with big dreams! I cannot ever forget them.

Mahto, I hope one day I will find you playing in Indian football team or something much bigger. I wish you get some great coaches to guide you. I wish you achieve everything. Keep playing with the ball because you have some serious fans who would love to cheer for you again and again. Keep playing because you owe it to yourself. Keep playing when nobody expects you to because you look alive when you do so.

I hope you never lose this happiness which you have found because there are many others who are still struggling, trying to sort out things even when they have everything. The pure happiness which I see in your face when you play football, I am grateful for it. More power to you Mahto!!

Yours truly,

A SSPF member

SSPF National Football Team 2016 Beat Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools By 2-0 In A Thriller

Palam Vihar, April 23: SSPF XI secured a smashing victory over BBFS XI to win the exhibition match between SSPF National Football team 2016 and Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools. SSPF team outwitted BBFS by 2-0 to win the CHAMPIONS FOOTBALL MATCH, held at DPSG Palam Vihar School. This thrilling match was conducted by the School Sports Promotion Foundation.

To make it a nail biting match, Bhaichung Bhutia and Renedy Singh also hit the field. Bhaichung played from BBFS team whereas Renedy represented SSPF on field in the match. It was amazing to see both teams lined up in the center with two of the celebrity players leading their respective sides.

In a power packed ground the match started with a whistle of the referee. After a long drawn midfield battle which SSPF XI controlled with a sensible approach, Midfielder  and captain Raj Kishore Mahto (Jharkhand) beat a diving BBFS XI goalkeeper with a superbly timed right footer. With this superb goal in the 26th minute of the match, SSPF XI had a lead of 1-0 in the match.

Everyone was preparing for a grinding battle in the second half the match as BBFS XI was all set to attack to even the score but SSPF XI defended very well till the last. In the 51st minute of the game SSPF again break in BBFS XI’s defense and made it unbeatable 2-0 by mid-fielder Shubham Sangwan (Telangana).

After full time, SSPF XI announced winner by 2-0 against BBFS XI in this champions match. School Sports Promotion Foundation Chairman Mr. Om Pathak and its Treasurer Mr. Anshul Pathak presented the medals and trophies.

BBFS XI– Pavan Yadav, Aryaman Ladha, Shivam Maan, Shivansh Anand, Yarmi Woleng, Ansh Chauhan, Madhusudan Sharma, Divas Shukla, Mukul Gehlot, Siddhant Sharma, Abhishek Sansanwal, Pradyuman, Ankur Bargoti, Puneet Prakash, Vishal Bhardwaj, Trijat, Arka Jyoti Majumdar, Nirmal Kumar, Siddhant Rao.

SSPF XI– Abdullah Rangrez, Samir Thapa, Shardul Gusain, Anmol Soni, Abhishek Aggarwal, Raj Kishore Mahto (C), Jitendra Manjhi, Chote Lal Mahto, Jitendra Mahto, Sameer Kiro, Aleef Rahman Mollah, Sameer Seshadri, Rajat Rathi, Ashu Singh, Mohammed Sohel Mansuri, Rajat Singh, Shubham Sangwan.

On ‘International Day Of Sport For Development And Peace’, Let’s Salute The Power Of Sports

Dangal, Chak De India, Mary Kom, Iqbal, Sultan, MS Dhoni, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Paan Singh Tomar….the list of movies based on sports or sports persons is endless. These stories are inspirational and motivate young people. It strengthens the fact that sports create a strong impact on all our lives and make it better in different ways.

On the day of International Day of Sport for Development and Peace let us dedicate sports in our lives apart from just being a way to stay fit or to break the monopoly in our routines. Sports can drive social change, community development and foster peace and understanding, above all a smile on everyone’s face.

It teaches us the value of togetherness, to think for others before ourselves, to plan for our goals, to relax our worries, to express ourselves better. That is why one of the best to define a sports person is- For a true sportsman, team is his second family.” As all these values have great impact on our personal, social and professional life. The power of teamwork, the importance of selflessness, the impact of performing well is what sports is all about.

Sport is an activity with no age, race or social bar. 6th April was declared the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in 2013, and has been celebrated each year ever since 2014. The IOC, in its capacity of Permanent Observer to the UN, has been supportive of this initiative, as it values its potential to recognize sports organizations’ role in and contribution to social change and human development.

Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence. So, let’s celebrate the true spirit of sports. Let’s dedicate a part of us to a sport. Let’s indulge ourselves in sports. Let the value of brotherhood, unity and teamwork prevail in all of us to live better and harmonious life.


What Sports Means To An Athlete?

What Sports Means To An Athlete?
What Sports Means To An Athlete?

Sport is a vivid world to any sportsman. For many sportspeople, attempting to maximize the abilities and skills is the same thing as a motivation and resilience to a common man. In an easy term to understand, for an athlete, it is easy to learn a sports skill than being motivated every day. When an athlete attains success, dealing with frustration and adversity becomes a regular thing. Mental toughness is often overlooked and is perhaps an integral sports psychology for any sportsman.

Passion and Purpose for an Athlete

For an athlete, passion and purpose are quite important in life. They have the sheer dedication to the nth cloud possible; they are always aiming for a shooting star in the sky. With true passion, it becomes an obvious difficulty to reach full potential in life. Discovering clarity through constant traveling often makes it easy for the goals to achieve. Eventually, that becomes the purpose of a passionate athlete.

What Sports Means To An Athlete?

For an athlete, it is all about passion and purpose in their lives about the sports. It takes a great deal of perseverance, and loyalty for any sportsman to play their sports with the whole heart. An athlete playing sports means to enjoy the sport. Many times, they play it because, in their life, they are expected to play it. But that might lead to playing it without any passion towards it. Although there is nothing wrong with playing a sport with whole heart, mind, and soul driven in it.

Sports are being centered for an athlete. No matter what sport it is. It is the love of being engaged in all aspects of their training. A sportsman puts workout sessions, rigorous practice regime, health, emotional stability, and many other aspects of the center. For them, it is the clarity of achieving great highs, learning from their lows time to time. For any sportsman, loving every moment of training, heart and the motivation to push harder through the tough times is sports. For them it is the sole seed of their passion and every ounce of their hard work is to take the sport to the next higher level.

In closing, quoting with Heywood Broun quote, ‘Sports do not build character. They reveal it.’

NSPO Looks Out for Young Players for Schools India Cup

Schools India Cup
Schools India Cup

With the unmeasurable support from the Sports Authority of India; School Sports Promotion Foundation brings Schools India Cup which sees students from all corners of the country playing national tournaments at the grassroots level. In the first season, National Sports Promotion Organisation has made more than 2100 schools play over 2000 matches and students over 20 states have taken an active part in the games last year.

School Sports Promotion Foundation (SSPF) believes that with the help of right guidance and sheer hard work, each of the deserving candidates blooming with talent – will surely achieve the best of all success, marking a niche in the enigmatic field of the sports world.

Chairman and educationist, Mr. Om Pathak introduces Schools India Cup to bring forth skillful and creative players of this young and energetic generation to take the sports at the grassroots to the next level. Along with a group of legendary and renowned experts such as Mr. Bhaichung Bhutia and Mr. Chetan Sharma, among others, they are all breaking the stereotype and are scout hunting fresh talents from different corners of remote areas in the country.

School Sports Promotion Foundation has recently being appointed as the National Sports Promotion Organisation by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports by the government, thus giving a national honor within such a short span.

It is indeed a matter of a great pride that SSPF is now conducting Schools India Cup to help the students realize their dream coming true. These students will be given a push to pursue their favorite sport and recognize their talent. Handpicked by our panel of experts during the ground level tests and tournaments, further, these students will be playing at the state and national levels after rigorous core training under the supervision of professional guidance.

Schools India Cup registrations are open to schools and team entry. Any school from any part of the country is welcome to register themselves under the sports category – Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and Athletics.

To register, visit www.sspf.in

Top 5 Tips For NTSN Athlete To Balance Sports & Academics

Striking the perfect balance between sports and academics can be a challenge, especially when you want to excel in both. On one hand, it’s the school bell which reminds us of the new academic year; and on the other hand it’s the whistle which motivates us to get back into the field where your coaches are waiting for you eagerly. It’s a daunting task. Isn’t it? As a participant of NTSN 2016-17, you must be thinking how to achieve great grades and perform exceptionally well on the playing field.

If you are one a student who is doing well in academics and equally passionate about sports, you must be wondering how can I balance both in the right way? As NTSN 2016-17 has already begun, this is the question in your mind all the time. How much is too much? How much time should I devote to sports? When should I go for practice? What should I choose? Which is more important?

Studies have shown that students who play sports have better grades and a more positive attitude towards life when compared with children who don’t. By keeping the time-saving tips in mind and implementing the right strategies, NTSN athletes can become successful both academically and athletically. Here’s how you can strike the right balance:-


 Be Organized

Maintain a calendar for both studies and sports. Write the deadline for school work, assignments and any other task which you have to complete. Keep track of all the sports practices and games. Go through the calendar every week and make all the essential corrections.



With so many tasks to be done at the same time, you should plan your schedule. Make a list of your school time, game time, leisure time and exact time to reach your school/sports club. When you have blocked a particular time in the calendar, you can easily get the time slot for your study and homework.


Weekdays & Weekends Are Equally Important

Check out your calendar and note down all the projects which are yet to be completed and schedule the practice games accordingly. Plan how you will study and practice for the games at the same time.

Take some time in your weekend to plan ahead.Do your homework for the coming week.Go through the important chapters and prepare questions in advance. Use weekends to complete your projects.


Never Ever Wait For Last Minute Task

 Complete the assignments as soon as you get them, and never ever wait for last minute tasks. Poor planning can result into disastrous results. You will either miss the games or get scolded by your teacher for not completing the assignment.


Make The Most Of Free Periods

 Do your homework, look for help if required, study and plan in advance during the weekends. This is what you should do during free periods. The good news is that you can develop different skills and gain a valuable experience by participating in sports- and it’s never too late to start.

All the best!!