Maharashtra Is All Set To Host SSPF Volleyball Nationals

Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra will witness the passion of youth towards Volleyball for three days. From 5th– 7th January 2018, SSPF National Volleyball Championship will take place at Atma Malik Education and Sport Complex in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra.

In this sports event, 9 states from across the country will participate with their best team selected after district and state trials. The states participating in this National Championship are-

  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Delhi
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Gujarat
  • Maharashtra
  • Jharkhand
  • Uttarakhand
  • Rajasthan
  • Haryana

Coaching camps of 10 days were held in these 9 states to select the final state teams. After going through the different stages, more than 100 budding talents are selected to participate in this sporting event. This is the first time SSPF has introduced Volleyball. With Mr. Om Parkash as chairman and Sanjay Phogat as secretary of SSPF National Volleyball council, we have received an overwhelming response from all around India. More than 450 schools and 5,000 students have registered their teams from different states of India to play the Volleyball tournament.


SSPF Announces India’s Largest Grassroots School Tournament Schools India Cup 2017: Om Pathak

April 23, 2017: SSPF today announces India’s largest grassroots school sports tournament SCHOOLS INDIA CUP 2017 in 5 different sports. In its 2nd season SSPF is all set to go ahead with three new sports i.e. Volleyball, Basketball, Athletics along with Cricket and Football. This is for the first time that a sports competition or tournament is being organized on a national level.

As compared to the 1st season the number of schools participating this year is almost double which is near 4 thousand schools from different states and districts of the country.  To encourage such participation of schools and children SSPF came up with a National tournament of every sport under its National Talent Search and Nurture Program.

“We are committed to serve the nation and sports is one of the medium where we need to emphasis so that we can bring glory to the country on International sports arena.” Said SSPF chairman Om Pathak. “We are proud to announce a nationwide sports tournament Schools India Cup to be played in 5 different sports under SSPF.” He said.

Former India Football captain and SSPF National Football Council Chairman Bhaichung Bhutia is excited with this program-” It is a kind of program which is designed to give exposure to the real talent at grassroots at the right time and in right manner.” He said

In a very short span of one year, SSPF has expanded individual sports and received the honor of National Sports Promotion Organization (NSPO) by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. Now, Schools India Cup is the largest tournament across the country which will further add integrity to this program by opening avenues of opportunities of recognition to the participating school children in education and career

Former Indian Footballer Renedy Singh who is associated with SSPF as a secretary of SSPF National Football Council said “conducting such kind to structured sports tournament across the country will further strengthen the commitment of SSPF to produce more young talents who will represent India on International platform”.

The NTSN 2016-17 competitions are slated to start in two phases this year- January & April 2017. In the first phase districts which have completed 8 or more school teams have played. Rest of the districts will play in the second phase of the tournament will start by the end of the April 2017 in all the above mentioned 5 sports.

‘A small step but looking forward to making a difference’ – says SSPF Chairman Mr. Om Pathak


Press Conference @ Press Club Of India
Press Conference @ Press Club Of India

On Saturday, 7th January 2017, School Sports Promotion Foundation made an official announcement of being recognized as ‘National Sports Promotion Organization‘ by the Government of India for its grassroots initiatives across five sports namely Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Basket Ball and Athletes.

The press conference started off with a speech by SSPF Chairman Shree Om Pathak, introducing all the dignitaries of the organization to the press. He talked about how core pillars of NSPO are important to each of the members working in this wonderful initiative. He said, “Schools should prioritize sports along with the education. To make winning a habit for any sports person, not only we will conduct tournaments to spot talents but nurture them with good facility, also providing them a quality education.”

Sports Authority of India is supporting the noble cause and to add further, Shri Hira Ballabh, Executive Director (Operations & Finance)SAI, said, “Our country is blooming with sports talents. We must scout spot these talents and provide them the necessary facility to bring excellence in sports.” He also thanked SSPF Chairman Om Pathak for taking this step to make a difference and needed at this time. He said, “We aim to develop indoor and outdoor sports facility. Time has come and we need to continue to aim higher to promote deserving players from the corners of our country.”

Former India football captain and SSPF National Football Council Chairman Bhaichung Bhutia shared his excitement over a short video message which said, “Programs like SSPF should get more importance so that the real talent at the grassroots level can get exposure at the right time and in the right manner.” He said “schools are where our future champions are,” we are sure that this step of Government to recognize SSPF as NSPO will make parents around the country realize how essential it is to balance education and sport.”

“Cricket has never got enough limelight at the school level.” said Chetan Sharma, former International Cricketer, and the National Cricket Council Chairman, “We need to find the right backup for International level sports from the school level. When we started off with the project, we introduced two games – Cricket and Football, and within a short span of a year, we are now an NSPO body, it is a great stepping stone for us all. We look forward to continuing to bring in new changes which shape life path for deserving student”

1962 Asian Games Decathlon Gold Medallist Gurbachan Singh Randhawa also expressed his concern about the current facility provided by the sports structure of the schools. According to him, nurturing budding talents with great facility should be an ideal priority. A man of few words, he made a point of suggestion that press should feature more sports as well. He specifically defined the role of media in the growth and development of grassroots sports. He said media will give a lot of confidence to the students from all sports to come out and participate more.  Former India Volleyball star Om Parkash expressed a belief that with the support of Ministry, SSPF will make a significant contribution to the National Sports scenario.

Media Session
Media Session

Concluding the conference with few fiery rounds of questions by the media, Chairman Om Pathak said, “We are looking ahead at a larger than life picture here, concentrating on Centre of Excellence which is an equal balance of education and sports. We want a child, irrespective of any background, metro or non-metro residence, or any other differences, to learn to excel in his/her talent. We want to take school level talent, and nurture and coach them to compete at the district level and filter out the best-sought ones to ultimately mark niche at the International Games.”

In its second session, NT-SN will attempt to get around 10,000 school teams across 300 districts in 25 states. Participation of around 2, 00,000 students is expected who will play around 16,000 matches.


SSPF’s Press Conference at Press Club, New Delhi on Saturday, January 7, 2017

School Sports Promotion Foundation, in partnership with Sports Authority of India (SAI) launched NTSN in 2015. SSPF feels proud to be appointed as a National Sports Promotion Organization (NSPO), recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India. NSPO adds to the integrity of the program, opening tons of opportunities to all the participating students in who aim to attain excellence in education and sports.


All media executives and correspondents are cordially invited to a press conference at the Conference Hall of Press Club of India, New Delhi at 3:00 pm on Saturday, January 7, 2017.

The conference will be addressed by Mr. Om Pathak (SSPF Chairman), Mr. Hira Ballabh [Sports Authority of India Executive Director (Operations)], Mr. Chetan Sharma (Former International Cricketer and Chairman of SSPF National Cricket Council), Mr. Bhaichung Bhutia (Former India Football Captain and SSPF National Football Council Chairman), Mr. Gurbachan Singh Randhawa (Former Asian Games Gold Medalist and SSPF National Athletics Council Chairman) and Mr.Om Parkash (Former India Volleyball Captain and SSPF National Volleyball Council Chairman).