Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shamali Is On A Row To Produce Another Dhoni !!!

Ram Raushan Sharan, 9th class student of  Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shayamali made 143 not out in just 80 balls during a cluster level match against International Public School, kanke.  Just the same talent from the same school at almost same age.

Yes!!! You guessed it right; we are talking about the former captain cool of team India M. S. Dhoni aka Mahi. The boy from JVM School who changed the history of Indian cricket.

Though it is very early to predict but SSPF is so excited to have Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shayamali registered and playing with us. The same school which has a proud past of producing players like Dhoni.

In his innings, Ram Raushan has scored 18 fours and 7 sky- high sixes. Out of 143 runs he made 114 runs just from boundaries. That’s not all where he stoped. He also took one of the most vital catches of Iftikhar Alam and one wicket of Tanishq Paul L from the opponent team.

In the Ranchi district, 5 clusters with 20 schools have taken part in SSPF Schools India Cup 2017. Jharkhand has produced many sports person who has brought glory to the nation. SSPF also hope to have that privilege that future sports star from this state will play for SSPF in his growing years.

“It Was My Turn To Stand Up To The Mark”, Said Shubham Sangwan, Midfielder, Telangana

“Is there a player from Telangana”, asked the social media team of SSPF. I was practising in the ground when I heard this question. However, I was busy practising and felt that someone would tell them that Shubham is from Telangana. Next day was the big match against SSPF. We all were practising hard. It was difficult because we all as a team have met after a long time. Team coordination was one of the major aspects in football. I have always loved football the most among all the good things in life, and SSPF (School Sports Promotion Foundation) has played an important role in giving me the platform to perform my level best in the game.

There was a series of process through which we were selected, at each level we got to know new techniques, skills, drills to improve our game. We (representatives) came from different parts of the country and shared our experiences with each other along with the guidelines of our coaches and managers. The Champions Match held between SSPF and BBFS was a head to head battle as both the teams gave their best. We all reported to SSPF 4 days before the match day. The stay was facilitated well with the best accommodation by SSPF.

Playing With Bhaichung & Renedy

Under the tremendous instructions of our coach Deepak sir and Mr. Harish, manager, we adjusted our allocation and positional play to set ourselves for the match. Our sync became prefect by 22nd, as we won two practice matches. Next day was big. It was the match day, we all were excited to play against Bhaichung and with Renedy, and we were a bit tensed too as we were to play in front of a big crowd and television viewers throughout the nation. We were all determined to beat BBFS.

How Rajat Rathi Played An Important Role?

After a heartwarming ceremony, the match started. It took a while for us to set a strategical play against BBFS’s professional play. Deepak sir came up with some suggestions for midfielders. We successfully converted some attacks leading to a 34th min goal by Mehto the captain. Rathi kept disturbing opponents right wing, eventually helping us to penetrate more in opponent’s defensive area.

Thank you CHOTE LAL!

After half time it was my turn to stand up to the mark, and then I successfully converted chote’s lal’s pass into an overhead goal. We won the match with our keeper with clean sheet. We were presented by medals from Mr. Om Pathak, SSPF Chairman with the trophy, and were titled as The Champions Match winners. It was hell of an experience for me and I thank SSPF for the opportunity.


The last words I heard in the playground were, “And it’s Shubham Sangwan from Telangana who made the second goal for SSPF”.

Little Wonder Boy Of Cricket From Haridwar Strikes A Double Century

213 runs in just 76 balls. It is not a score of any National or International player, it is an amazing mark achieved by a 14 year school boy playing under SSPF School India Cup’s cluster level cricket tournament.

Aryan Sidharth Panwar of Holy Cross Sr. Sec. School Haridwar scored this double ton against S.M.T. Neema Devi Kala Public School. In his innings, Aryan hit 12 sixes and 24 fours that means out of his total of 213 runs, 168 runs were scored by boundaries and only 45 runs were made by running between the wickets.

With the help of excellent 213 runs inning of Aryan, his team Holy Cross Sr. Sec. School Haridwar was able to set a target of 356 runs and able to beat S.M.T. Neema Devi Kala Public School by a huge margin of 200 runs.

Aryan is an all- rounder, this right handed batsman not only piled up so many runs against the opponent team but also has taken two wickets of Akash Kumar and Aditya Singh of S.M.T. Neema Devi Kala Public School team. He bowled both the batsman to contribute in his team’s victory.

Aryan is the son of a BSF Jawan Mr. Subhash Panwar and his mother Savita Panwar is a Govt. school teacher in Haridwar. Apart from his studies, Aryan is setting a bench mark for every young cricketer by showcasing such brilliant talent on field.

Sameer’s Journey In SSPF : What His Proud Father Sees

I, as a parent, have been closely observing the activities of SSPF. I must say that they have made tremendous progress in the first year itself.

Why do I say so?

Well I got to know of SSPF when they had organized the first round of School level Football tournament in Gurgaon and other places in 2016.My son, Sameer Seshadri, went on to play from school to district to State in July 2016.

  1. Finally the Nationals at Delhi in Sep 2016. What is noteworthy is these matches were well managed without any issues. 
  2. Thereafter Sameer was selected to train in the National Camp at Dehradun. Here again the arrangements were excellent in terms of stay, food and coaching. 
  3. When I heard of the Football Tournament in Apr 2017 between SSPF and BBFS, we were really excited. The game and the overall feel of the tournament was great.The most appreciable aspect was the opportunity for the boys to interact and also play with Bhaichung Bhutia and Rennedy Singh. This was an absolutely high level motivation for the team.

The entire sequence of the above events shows a structured approach, professional effort and dedication to a set goal. This is what I call “tremendous progress”

Added to this is great teamwork among the boys and the efforts of an exceptional Coach Deepak Jha.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to Mr. Om Pathak for his vision and the entire team of SSPF for all that is done so far and look forward to even greater contribution to the field of Sports.


Rajesh Votépur

SSPF National Football Team 2016 Beat Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools By 2-0 In A Thriller

Palam Vihar, April 23: SSPF XI secured a smashing victory over BBFS XI to win the exhibition match between SSPF National Football team 2016 and Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools. SSPF team outwitted BBFS by 2-0 to win the CHAMPIONS FOOTBALL MATCH, held at DPSG Palam Vihar School. This thrilling match was conducted by the School Sports Promotion Foundation.

To make it a nail biting match, Bhaichung Bhutia and Renedy Singh also hit the field. Bhaichung played from BBFS team whereas Renedy represented SSPF on field in the match. It was amazing to see both teams lined up in the center with two of the celebrity players leading their respective sides.

In a power packed ground the match started with a whistle of the referee. After a long drawn midfield battle which SSPF XI controlled with a sensible approach, Midfielder  and captain Raj Kishore Mahto (Jharkhand) beat a diving BBFS XI goalkeeper with a superbly timed right footer. With this superb goal in the 26th minute of the match, SSPF XI had a lead of 1-0 in the match.

Everyone was preparing for a grinding battle in the second half the match as BBFS XI was all set to attack to even the score but SSPF XI defended very well till the last. In the 51st minute of the game SSPF again break in BBFS XI’s defense and made it unbeatable 2-0 by mid-fielder Shubham Sangwan (Telangana).

After full time, SSPF XI announced winner by 2-0 against BBFS XI in this champions match. School Sports Promotion Foundation Chairman Mr. Om Pathak and its Treasurer Mr. Anshul Pathak presented the medals and trophies.

BBFS XI– Pavan Yadav, Aryaman Ladha, Shivam Maan, Shivansh Anand, Yarmi Woleng, Ansh Chauhan, Madhusudan Sharma, Divas Shukla, Mukul Gehlot, Siddhant Sharma, Abhishek Sansanwal, Pradyuman, Ankur Bargoti, Puneet Prakash, Vishal Bhardwaj, Trijat, Arka Jyoti Majumdar, Nirmal Kumar, Siddhant Rao.

SSPF XI– Abdullah Rangrez, Samir Thapa, Shardul Gusain, Anmol Soni, Abhishek Aggarwal, Raj Kishore Mahto (C), Jitendra Manjhi, Chote Lal Mahto, Jitendra Mahto, Sameer Kiro, Aleef Rahman Mollah, Sameer Seshadri, Rajat Rathi, Ashu Singh, Mohammed Sohel Mansuri, Rajat Singh, Shubham Sangwan.

Thank You Letter From Tushar Pawar, Star Player Of Cluster Level Football Tournament (Belgaum)

Hey Football lovers,

My name is Tushar Sunil Pawar and I am a student of KLS school, Belgaum, Karnataka.  Schools India Cup is a wonderful platform where I and my team got the opportunity to show our Football talent. As I became the Star Player of the Tournament, I would like to thank few people for making me such good footballer who I am in this letter.

Recently we won  SSPF’s cluster tournament in Belgaum and I am so happy to be the STAR PLAYER OF THE TOURNAMENT.

I started playing when I was 5 years old and I have not stopped playing this beautiful game since then. I have represented my school for 6 years continuously. We have won many trophies like United Goans Cup, Phoenix Trophy, Belgaum District Football Association Cup and we were also the runners up in Dasrhan Trophy. I was adjudged as the Best Player in Darshan Trophy in the Belgaum District Football Association Cup. Football is an emotion for you. How can I forget that beautiful moment when I was the top scorer in Father Eddie’s Tournament? It is one of the most prestigious cup at the school level.

This year I and my team performed well in the above mentioned trophies and we are hoping to keep up our game. My aim certainly is to represent India in the future and I am working hard towards achieving my goals.

I would like to thank my parents, coach and friends for the tremendous support they give to me. I am really thankful to SSPF for encouraging young talent throughout India and providing a platform in Schools India Cup to showcase their talent.

Sportingly Yours,

Tushar Sunil Pawar


SPORTS- A Gateway To Women Empowerment

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish”- Michelle Obama


 Gone are the days when we used to imagine a shy, sensitive and introvert female while talking about Indian woman. Women can be empowered by promoting their participation in all areas to improve their quality of life and bring gender equality. The best thing is that women are making their mark in the world of sports.

Sports have huge potential to empower women and girls. It can be a force to amplify women’s voice and tear down gender barriers and discrimination. In addition to generate physical and mental health benefits, sports can be an effective platform to provide women and girls with leadership. With the growing participation of women in sports globally and nationally, sports is being seen as a means of great empowerment. Their participation in sports enables them to live a life of dignity.

This is the reason why I am associated with sports and as a lady a part of School Sports Promotion Foundation who is working towards grassroots sports development. SSPF has introduced Athletics, especially woman teams as one of the new sport in its second season.

I am proud to be the district coordinator of Saharanpur for SSPF. I am taking care of Athletics because they have encouraged girls’ school team to participate in the same. There might be many foundations, clubs or academies which are working for promoting girls in sports, but SSPF is one of its kind and the largest grass-root sports program working for promoting the females to prove their strength in sports.

As a woman I believe that if women are empowered they can make independent decision which is necessary for the bright future of their family, society and country. To really bring empowerment every woman needs to be aware about her rights. According to the UN when girls participate in sports, they are more likely to attend school and to reach their potential in contributing to the society.

Unleash your “girl power” and prove to the world what a fighter you are!!!


Why Mr. Rawat, Dhyan Chand Sports Awardee Joined SSPF ?

I am a football lover & I love this game to an extent that I am ready to serve it no matters what. To give my readers an introduction about me is I am founder secretary & technical adviser in Uttarakhand Football Referee Association, President of Dehradun Football Academy and Major Dhayan Chand Sports Awardee in football also.

But the most exciting and thrilled when SSPF approached me to be a part of it. I am a part of SSPF since 2015 and let me confess that I feel more responsible and committed to the sport than any other position as this is connected to grassroots school sports.

Mr. Om Pathak the chairman & founder of SSPF have the vision to spot and nurture talent in such a manner that he/she will serve the country in coming years. It is a kind of initiative that is bringing smile to many young faces who are dreaming to make it big in sports. We hope more and more talented players, coaches and referees will join SSPF to make it happen.

I am very thankful and want to congratulate SSPF Chairman Shri Om Pathak, as he is doing a great job for Indian sports. The need of the country is to search the sporting talent and groom them to represent India in an international platform.

Though there are many grassroots program in India but this is a PAN INDIA movement which is the largest if we talk about any private initiative of this kind. May be it looks like I am appreciating it as I am associated with SSPF, but this is what I exactly feel. The way SSPF is working is really great that is why it has got the tag of an NSPO, recognition from Govt. of India.
I wish you all those are part of this organization. Best wishes to all SSPF management who are promoting grassroots football and rest of the sports.

How SSPF Changed My Life?

5 February 2017: It was year 2015 when I first came to know about SSPF.  Our school registered their cricket team with SSPF. I and my friends were very excited to hear that our team will get a chance to compete with other district and state level teams as we proceed with the tournament.

It was in the middle of December 2015 when SSPF cluster level matches in West Bengal started. I got selected in district and then state team and got the chance to come to Delhi for Nationals. The city of Kohli and Kotla.

We met legendary cricketer Mr. Chetan Sharma, great wicketkeeper of his time Mr. Surrinder Khanna and the man behind the success of Gautam Gambhir, Amit Mishra and Unmukt Chand. YES, it was Mr. Sanjay Bhardwaj. It was a lifetime experience to meet such icons. Alas! We lost the semifinals against team Delhi. After this loss I thought my journey with SSPF will end but then came the news of my selection in SSPF’s national camp. I jumped out of excitement when I got a call from SSPF officials regarding my selection.

The day I was selected for SSPF camp was the day I would always remember. Although I cannot be a part of this year’s journey with SSPF I would always be obliged towards it for giving me such an exposure.

Talking about the camp I would start with the environment in which the camp was being held. The ground in which our practice sessions was taking place was surrounded by the beauty of nature and till date I have not played in such a beautiful environment. It had increased our want to do well. The coaches were very informative and shared their experiences about the game and I still miss them a lot.

We were given a lot of match practice which helped me in improving my temperament and resulted in me performing well in the Vijay Merchant Trophy for my state Bengal.

At last I want to share my experience of meeting new friends from all over the country. They were the people who made the experience more enjoyable. The list is long as I miss my SSPF friends Aryaman, Tridev, Sumit Chikara, Lovepreet etc. We still stay in touch through social media. Again thank you SSPF for such an experience.


Thank You SSPF For Making My Dream Come True

DPSG Meerut Road student Niharika Rana excited to meet football legend

20 January 2017: I will always remember 28th January 2017 for the rest of my life. This is the date when I met my childhood sporting hero Bhaichung Bhutia. Thanks to School Sports Promotion Foundation as during their TV shoot I got the chance to meet my sports idol.

It’s an honor to meet such a wonderful person who has made every Indian so proud by his achievements. Being a footballer, I too dream of playing for my country and make each and every person proud. SSPF doing a great job by making every budding talent’s dream come true by giving them opportunity to showcase their talent across the country by playing pan India matches.

I along with my batch mates from DPSG Meerut Road got the opportunity to meet with the so many respectable sportsperson. My dream came true during a TV recording on DD Sports which was about grassroots sports program where SSPF was in a limelight. It was so good to see their efforts and encouragement for the love of sports.

DPSG Meerut Road students with Mr. Bhutia suring SSPF TV recording

I really appreciate what SSPF is doing to promote sports at school level. Being a football player I know the importance of proper guidance and coaching. We should emphasis on the positive side of sports. Every parent should realize that in today’s world medical, engineering or business are not the only career options. Sports can also be one of them as it too has a bright future. The day people will understand this thing our country will shine bright.

Surely its impact will be seen in Olympics and commonwealth games. Over the years we have seen the development and hope to see more of it, especially for girls. Hope with foundations like SSPF this problem will be solved soon.