“Don’t Plan to Succeed, Work to Succeed”- Chetan Sharma

20 January 2017: The New Year marks another season of SSPF. As chairman of SSPF’s National Cricket Council I am excited and proud to announce that we will start the first phase of cricket by January end.

SSPF witnessed the likes of Sanchit Pasricha from Delhi, a chainaman bowler who took 6 wickets in Nationals and stole the hearts of spectators. Another young boy from Telangana, Ankur Singh who made 14 batsmen return to the pavilion during Nationals. Then there was Shaurya Singh an upcoming all-rounder from Uttar Pradesh, Prudhvi from Andhra Pradesh, the list is endless.

Now we are heading to the next season of cricket with even more excitement as we have achieved immense applauds and appreciation from young talents, parents, schools and Government as well. Because of our great efforts we got recognition as National Sports Promotion Foundation by Govt. of India. Being an NSPO it is a matter of pride but also an added responsibility and greater commitment towards Talent Search & Nurture. We will try our best to serve our young talent better by giving them best of the facilities and coaching they need. In return we at SSPF also expect from schools and parents to appreciate our efforts and support us by believing in us.

To my young heroes I just want to say practice hard and play harder. You are our hope. We will make sure to support you in which ever manner its needed to make your sporty future shine. You need to remember one thing- :

Never give up! Failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding.

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