How NTSN 2016-17 Is An Exciting Yet Challenging Tournament?

A tournament that meets the global standards and provides excellent exposure to all the incredible players from all around India has brought a revolution in the world of sports. Players from different parts of India will participate and show different playing styles to reach out to a larger mass. National Talent Search and Nurture, initiated by the School Sports Promotion Foundation has come to be one of the challenging grass root sports tournaments in the country after a long time.

NTSN 2015-16

NTSN 2015-16

Considering the scenario, the expectations are raising high from what this tournament can achieve – not only on the ground but also at the National level. From the tournament authorities to the head coaches and all the young players, are working hard to take this game at a spectacular level. With India moving towards one of the biggest sports revolution that will go down in the history of grass root sports, more and more schools from all around India are participating in this  tournament.

NTSN 2017-18 won’t be easy. Why?

Here are some of the crucial factors that play a key role in why it will be a challenging tournament for young players.


Fitness is the ultimate factor. A tournament where more than 3000 school teams have registered and 2000 teams have participated, fitness is the priority. Unfortunately, shorter the time duration, hectic is the travel schedule and continuous matches make it tough for players to remain fit all the time. However, they should be strong and determined enough to take on new challenges each and every day.

Mr. Chetan Sharma, Chairman of Cricket Council has pointed, “This is a different kind of tournament which focusses specifically on school sports. The schedule is tough and you will get tired. The way the players played in NTSN 2015-16 was quite inspiring to me. I personally feel that you not only need a good team, but you as a team should be fit.”

NTSN 2015-16

NTSN 2015-16

The strength and ability to play differently may not always be same throughout the tournament because the team may not remain the same. Few of the players may get injured while others may not be available. Players won’t get time to recover during this short duration. They also have to play continuous matches in the duration of 2-3 days.

It will be very difficult for the players to prepare themselves for the next match, especially when the schedules are so short. However, you also need to understand that fitness is one of the major elements in this game because it can only help you win in the longer run. Players need to push their limits to be fitter and agile during the tournament.

A Mix of Native Players

While this is definitely a great thing because players from different states of India will get an invaluable experience of learning different play styles. They can also work on each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The mix of different players will be a challenge for both the coaches and team managers.

A Big Shout Out for the NATIONAL CAMP

We Indians love sports and follow it with great passion. However, when it comes to Grass Root Sports, National Talent Search & Nurture is going to be the very first initiative that will mark a niche in the coming future. Considering all the aspects, NTSN is now National Sports Promotion Organization recognized by the Ministry Of Youth Affairs and Sports.

Players need to work hard to get selected for the National Camp which will offer them with a plethora of opportunities. It’s great start because it will develop a sports culture in the country that requires consistent encouragement and participation in different sports.

Let’s pledge to create winning opportunity for young players!

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