Top scorer Shaurya Singh draws joy from setting up goals too

New Delhi: Shaurya Singh is preparing for a career in law but when he dons his football gear, his focus on the task on hand is really sharp. It has led him to 14 goals and to set up nine goals for his team-mates in the inaugural season of the SSPF National Talent Search and Nurture football competition. Sitting at the top of the goal-scorers’ list.


HIghest Goal Scorer for NTSN season 1

The deft striker scored seven goals in five matches for Rukmani Birla Modern School and nine goals in three games for the Jaipur District team to emerge as a player to watch when the State sides come together to compete in the National level tournament in August. The 15-year-old, encouraged by his parents, has straddled school and sports with dexterity.

“I love Cristiano Ronaldo for his aggression. He has had his share of criticism but always he loves winning for his team,” says Shaurya Singh, pointing out how the Portugal skipper was egging his team-mates on despite having to go off the pitch just 24 minutes into the final of the European Championship final against host France.

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This is team work

He said the camp for the district team helped the players come together as one, despite hailing from different schools. “We had seen one another play and figured out one another’s strengths but the district camp enabled us get our co-ordination in place,” he said. “I think situations like these will prepare us for not only our football careers but also life beyond sport.”

In fact, Shaurya Singh says football has taught him a lot. “It has sharpened my mental skills and that has helped me with my studies as well,” he says. “It has enhanced my confidence and allows me find a good balance between sport and studies. I am so glad I get to play in such tournaments and am looking forward to the inter-State competition now.”

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Shaurya Singh bought real ‘Shaurya’ to team

One of the things that he has clearly learnt well is to be able to score at opportune times and pass the ball to those placed in a better position to score “Our coaches, especially Gajanand Pillai sir have always taught us that football is a team game and that selfish play can ruin a team’s chances of winning matches as collective unit,” he says.

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