SPORTS- A Gateway To Women Empowerment

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish”- Michelle Obama


 Gone are the days when we used to imagine a shy, sensitive and introvert female while talking about Indian woman. Women can be empowered by promoting their participation in all areas to improve their quality of life and bring gender equality. The best thing is that women are making their mark in the world of sports.

Sports have huge potential to empower women and girls. It can be a force to amplify women’s voice and tear down gender barriers and discrimination. In addition to generate physical and mental health benefits, sports can be an effective platform to provide women and girls with leadership. With the growing participation of women in sports globally and nationally, sports is being seen as a means of great empowerment. Their participation in sports enables them to live a life of dignity.

This is the reason why I am associated with sports and as a lady a part of School Sports Promotion Foundation who is working towards grassroots sports development. SSPF has introduced Athletics, especially woman teams as one of the new sport in its second season.

I am proud to be the district coordinator of Saharanpur for SSPF. I am taking care of Athletics because they have encouraged girls’ school team to participate in the same. There might be many foundations, clubs or academies which are working for promoting girls in sports, but SSPF is one of its kind and the largest grass-root sports program working for promoting the females to prove their strength in sports.

As a woman I believe that if women are empowered they can make independent decision which is necessary for the bright future of their family, society and country. To really bring empowerment every woman needs to be aware about her rights. According to the UN when girls participate in sports, they are more likely to attend school and to reach their potential in contributing to the society.

Unleash your “girl power” and prove to the world what a fighter you are!!!


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