Thank You Letter From Tushar Pawar, Star Player Of Cluster Level Football Tournament (Belgaum)

Hey Football lovers,

My name is Tushar Sunil Pawar and I am a student of KLS school, Belgaum, Karnataka.  Schools India Cup is a wonderful platform where I and my team got the opportunity to show our Football talent. As I became the Star Player of the Tournament, I would like to thank few people for making me such good footballer who I am in this letter.

Recently we won  SSPF’s cluster tournament in Belgaum and I am so happy to be the STAR PLAYER OF THE TOURNAMENT.

I started playing when I was 5 years old and I have not stopped playing this beautiful game since then. I have represented my school for 6 years continuously. We have won many trophies like United Goans Cup, Phoenix Trophy, Belgaum District Football Association Cup and we were also the runners up in Dasrhan Trophy. I was adjudged as the Best Player in Darshan Trophy in the Belgaum District Football Association Cup. Football is an emotion for you. How can I forget that beautiful moment when I was the top scorer in Father Eddie’s Tournament? It is one of the most prestigious cup at the school level.

This year I and my team performed well in the above mentioned trophies and we are hoping to keep up our game. My aim certainly is to represent India in the future and I am working hard towards achieving my goals.

I would like to thank my parents, coach and friends for the tremendous support they give to me. I am really thankful to SSPF for encouraging young talent throughout India and providing a platform in Schools India Cup to showcase their talent.

Sportingly Yours,

Tushar Sunil Pawar


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