Top schools of Dindigul to combat in Schools India Cup district cricket championship

Dindigul (Tamil Nadu), Sept 4, 2018: In a major fillip to grass root sports in India, the School Sports Promotion Foundation (SSPF) announced here today, that around 5,000 schools are expected to participate in the Schools India Cup-Season 3.

The Schools India Cup, a joint initiative of the SSPF with Sports Authority of India (SAI) in 2015, is held under the National Talent Search & Nurture program and supported by the Ministry of HRD. A nation-wide hunt is conducted through a three-tier championship at the district, state and National level respectively to scout young talents in the under-16 age category. This year, the Schools India Cup competition will be held for five sports disciplines, namely athletics, football, volleyball, basketball and cricket.

The 2018-19 edition opener will kick-off with the district championships cricket in Dindigul (Tamil Nadu) and athletics in Saharanpur district (UP) from September 7 onwards. Around 70,000 student-athletes from 20 states, including remote places like Kargil and Leh in Jammu and Kashmir, are expected to participate in the three-tier championship. The top talent emerging from the Schools India Cup will be invited for the National camp for specialized training and mentoring under experts.

Ex-international cricketer and Chairman of SSPF’s National Schools Cricket Council, Mr Chetan Sharma, said, “Our future champions are in the schools and I am thrilled to play a role in supporting and sharing my knowledge and skills to the next generation of cricketers for India. From 1,200 schools in the first year to 5,000 for season 3, the popularity of the Schools India Cup is soaring high and I am thankful to the school management across India for their overwhelming support to the program.”

Schools India Cup Calendar
Inter-School District Championship Sept 1-Oct 30
State Championship Nov 1- Nov 30
National Championship Dec 8- Dec 22

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