Why Sports Participation Is Good For Young Girls


Why Sports Participation Is Good For Young Girls

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Sport is an integral part of any sportsmen. With sportsmen, we mean a girl or a woman and a boy or a man. There is no difference between the genders when it comes to any form of sports. A true coach will always advance the lives of girls and women by pushing them ahead for sports and physical activity.

However, despite so much of advancement in the modern times, even now, there still remains the question why sports participation is good for girls and women?
Knowing the big question why is very important here. School Sports Promotion Foundation brings an opportunity for male and females, to play under the wings of professional coaches and train hard and compete at the national and international levels. Keeping this in mind, SSPF promotes the benefits of why women participation in sports is extremely important and equivalent to men’s participation.

Benefits of Sports for Women

Benefits of sports for girls are well known to all of us. Sports have unlimited benefits for all sportsperson irrespective of gender. The key reasons of why a girl must participate in sports are listed down below.

Better Physical Health

– According to a research done in the US, it is observed that the health of a woman who is an athlete is much better than any female nonathlete. The percentage of the health of an athlete is 3 percent higher than the women who don’t play any sport.

– Girls who play sport have a strong immune system and they are likely to be less prone to any chronic disease such as heart disease or high blood pressure or any other high-risk disease.

– As noted in a research, there is a good in harmony relationship with high esteem and an athlete woman. Any woman who has been playing sports, have high body esteem and also have a positive approach to life.

Better Education Lifestyle

Playing sports always helps girls do well in their education. Those who play sports are always better in organizing or setting their priorities and budget their time well to be an all-rounder.  As per the study, sports participation by girls reduces the education drop-out rate. They are more focused, have more enthusiasm towards learning and attaining knowledge.

Better Community Circle

Do you know girls who play sports have a better social connection than the rest of the people who are not a sportsperson? They are socially well-adjusted. They are always positive; don’t involve them in any unnecessary emotional turmoil. With better self-image, self-esteem, and self-confidence girls who play sports draw much better community for themselves who aim to achieve big in life.

As a sportsperson, it is observed that like a male athlete, female athletes also are equally popular. Sports help women achieve greater hierarchy in community activities as an adult.

Sports give women a better outlet in life. Equal participation in this cut edge competitive world, where male and female are always on a run for life, it is a mandate in society to promote sportsmanship for a woman.  It only gives them a step ahead to make the most of the opportunity to learn and grow, as in a team and as in individual.

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